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Celebrities often have a reputation equivalent to royalty. As a result, the public is very curious about their private affairs. Kim Kardashian's sex tape with rapper Ray J, released in 2003, took her to a new level of fame: magazine covers, book offerings, and reality TV series.

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Trinidadian singer, rapper, songwriter and actress. He noticed the talent of a young girl Lil Wayne, who, after hearing the mixtapes Playtime Is Over, Sucka Free and Beam Me Up Scotty, signed her to a contract on behalf of his label Young Money Entertainment in August 2009. See also Nicki Minaj net worth estimation.

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Celebrities can be outraged by their praise, and society can have a love / hate relationship with celebrities. Due to the high visibility of celebrities' private lives, their achievements and shortcomings are often highly publicized. Celebrities are alternately described as shining examples of perfection when reaping awards, or as decadent or immoral when associated with a scandal. Looking in a positive light, celebrities are often portrayed as having skills and abilities beyond the average person; Famous actors, for example, are constantly celebrated for acquiring the new skills needed to film a role in a very short time and at a level that surprises the professionals who train them. Likewise, some celebrities with very little formal education can sometimes be portrayed as experts in complex matters. Some celebrities have spoken out loud about their political views. Matt Damon, for example, expressed dissatisfaction in 2008. United States Vice President-designate Sarah Palin, as well as the 2011 rooftop crisis.

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Most famous celebrities participate in social networking services and photo or video hosting platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. [62] Social networking services allow celebrities to communicate directly with their fans, eliminating an intermediary known as traditional media. Social media humanizes celebrities in a way that makes them attractive to the public, as evidenced by the success of magazines such as Us Weekly and People Weekly. Celebrity blogs have also given birth to stars like Perez Hilton, who is known not only for blogs but also for celebrities.

Social media and the growing popularity of smartphones have changed attitudes towards celebrities and how people earn a platform for fame. Not everything is hidden like in old Hollywood, because now everything is posted online by fans or even celebrities themselves. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube allow people to become celebrities overnight. Justin Bieber, for example, started publishing videos on YouTube that sang and were discovered. All of his fans had direct contact with his content and were able to interact with him on various social media platforms. Social media has fundamentally changed what it means to be a celebrity. Instagram and YouTube allow ordinary people to become rich and famous from their homes. It also allows fans to connect with their favorite celebrity without ever meeting them in person. Everything is shared on social networks, making it harder for celebrities to live a private life.

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John Cleese said fame provides certain benefits, such as financial wealth and easier access to things that are unfamiliar to strangers, such as making it easier to meet other famous or powerful people, but often being famous as well. the lack of creating the conditions in which a celebrity finds himself, at least temporarily (albeit sometimes for a long time) by acting superficially and inauthentically.

Common threats, such as harassment, have caused celebrity cult syndrome, when one becomes too involved in the details of a celebrity’s personal life. Psychologists have pointed out that while many people are obsessed with colorful movie, television, sports and music stars, the pay gap in society seems to be valued by professional athletes and professionals in the entertainment industry. One study found that singers, musicians, actors and athletes die on average younger than writers, composers, academics, politicians and businessmen, and are more likely to suffer from cancer and especially lung cancer. However, it was observed that the reasons for this remained unclear — theories included an innate propensity to take risks, as well as certain kinds of fame pressures or opportunities.

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Glory can have negative psychological effects and lead to more and more selfish inclinations and psychopathy. Academic research on the subject has argued that fame is addictive. When a celebrity’s glory fades over time, it can be difficult for a celebrity to adjust psychologically.

Recently, there has been an increasing focus on the impact of celebrities on public health decisions. The public is expected to follow celebrity health advice to some extent. This can have a positive effect when celebrities give strong, evidence-based health advice, but it can also have a detrimental effect if the health advice is not accurate enough.

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